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The Who Roger Daltrey ‘Nobody understands my strange relationship with Pete Townshend’

WE NEED THE FRICTION.” Roger Daltrey admits that people “don’t understand my strange relationship with Pete Townshend” in new interview.

He also reveals that the rock stars haven’t seen each other since their latest tour was cut short in 2019 by his ill health.

Just before the pandemic shit down live shows across the globe, The Who had faced their own shock premature ending for that year’s Moving On! Tour.

Daltrey walked offstage mid-show in Houston after experiencing vocal problems and ill health. Townshend had to tell a confused crowd that the concert was over. Since then, Daltrey says they haven’t seen each other because they don’t have “that kind of relationship.” SCROLL DOWN TO LISTEN TO THE FULL INTERVIEW

Speaking to BBC Radio, he said: “We have completely different lives, but you know, who knows where it will go…? I don’t know where it will go in the future. All I know is we won’t see each other now probably until Spring. I haven’t seen him for two years. Do I miss seeing him? No. I know what he looks like…

“I’ll see him when I see him, that space between us doesn’t exist because our brains are somewhere else.And when we get together, it’s that creative thing that will still be there, I’m confident that it will be.”

The Who Roger Daltrey 'Nobody understands my strange relationship with Pete  Townshend' | Music | Entertainment |

The Who will resume the interrupted UK Tour dates on June 20 in Bournemouth and Daltrey also said he welcomed the friction between them when they are performing or in the studio.

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