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The Beatles: Noel Gallagher ’embarrassed’ by Fab Four comparisons

THE BEATLES: Oasis star Noel Gallagher spoke out about being compared to the Fab Four in the 1990s, years after claiming he and his group were "bigger" than the legendary band.

The Beatles influenced many up-and-coming bands over the decades after they split in 1970. Since their rise to fame, Oasis have been quite candid in how important the Fab Four were to them growing up, musically. As a young rock band from the north of England who broke records, Oasis were often compared to The Beatles in one way or another. This is something Noel has since begrudged.

Noel spoke at the premiere of the Disney Plus show The Beatles Get Back, where he ​was candid about the comparisons.

The 54-year-old said: “When Oasis started, we were so big we were compared to [The Beatles] size-wise.

“And musically – embarrassingly – compared to them as well.”

He added: “[It’s embarrassing] because we weren’t as good as them.” (Via Music-News)

This is quite the change of tune following Noel’s infamous interview in 1996 where he claimed the band were “bigger than The Beatles”.

His brother, Liam Gallagher, shared this sentiment.

In 2016 the 49-year-old said: “What [Oasis] did in three [years] took The Beatles eight.”

At the Get Back premiere, however, Noel was keen to reiterate how much the Fab Four band means to him.

The Beatles oasis
The Beatles

Noel said: “They mean everything to me. They’ve definitely got the best tunes, hands down.

“In my record collection, they’ve got the greatest tunes by far.”

He then added: “They influenced everybody who influenced everybody else, who influenced everybody that came and went.

“Their influence is absolute. I don’t know a single guy playing the guitar or writing songs that wouldn’t cite the Beatles as an influence.”

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