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JOHN LENNON held a secret meeting with Paul McCartney in 1969 where he spoke about what he didn't like about The Beatles and his regrets from the band's career.

The Beatles’ latest documentary, Get Back, hit Disney Plus last week and showed off a new side to the Fab Four. Part two of the three-part series included a scene that showed John Lennon pulling Paul McCartney aside to have a secret meeting to air some of his issues. They met at a cafeteria away from prying eyes – and cameras – to sort out their problems, and to discuss George Harrison’s growing frustrations with the band’s songwriting process.

A moment into the scene on-screen text tells viewers: “They [John and Paul] are unaware that the filmmakers have planted a hidden microphone in a flowerpot.”

McCartney launched into telling Lennon about how he wished both he and Harrison had “fought back” during their songwriting sessions.

Lennon replied by opening up: “Now, the only regret about the past numbers is when, because I’ve been so frightened, I’ve allowed you to take it somewhere where I didn’t want.

“And then, that my only chance was to let George take over, or interest George in it.”

The Beatles john lennon paul mccartney

Lennon went on to try and find a compromise with McCartney.

He explained how he thought the band should begin writing songs from then on.

He said: “If you give me your suggestions, let me reject them and pinch the one I like, [that] is where my writing side is.

“Same goes for the arranging, ’cause there was a period where none of us could actually say anything about your arrangements ’cause you would reject it all.”

The Beatles john lennon
The Beatles paul mccartney

Lennon added: “A lot of the times you were right – and a lot of the times you were wrong.”

The Lennon-McCartney row followed issues Harrison had with McCartney earlier in the recording sessions.

The songwriters got into an argument about what to play during the recording of one of their Let It Be songs, prompting Harrison to say: “It’s not complicated. I mean, all I’m playing is the chords.”

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