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Bob Dylan Remembers Levon Helm: ‘One of the Last True Great Spirits’

The folk icon has paid tribute to the Band drummer and frequent collaborator.

Bob Dylan and the Band had a thrilling musical relationship, but with the death of drummer Levon Helm on Thursday, it’s the personal connection that Dylan remembers.

“He was my bosom buddy friend to the end, one of the last true great spirits of my or any other generation,” Dylan wrote on his official website on Thursday. “This is just so sad to talk about. I still can remember the first day I met him and the last day I saw him. We go back pretty far and had been through some trials together. I’m going to miss him, as I’m sure a whole lot of others will too.”

The Band backed Dylan on numerous occasions over the years, performing on the famed “Basement Tapes” and joining him on tour in the ’60s and ’70s. Dylan is one of the many musicians who appears in “The Last Waltz,” the concert film that documents the Band’s farewell concert.

Helm was 71. His death came a day after the announcement that he was in the final stages of a battle with cancer.

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