Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd have released their entire discography on YouTube

Pink Floyd have now uploaded their entire discography, including every official live recording, onto YouTube for fans to delve into as they wish.

With 15 studio albums, four live albums, nine compilation records, six EPs and 27 singles all in one place, fans now have hours of the Floyd to run through in an auto-play blitz.

Beginning with their first record, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn from 1967 and running through to The Endless River, there is now well over a day’s worth of their music.

While the band have not outlined what exactly prompted the mass upload of music, at a time when streaming services have fallen under scrutiny over the rates that artists receive per play, many fans have questioned whether this has been the impetus for Pink Floyd.

The band, by nature, have always embraced technology, both in terms of developing their sound and also incorporating it into their mammoth live shows.

Below you can check out one of the greatest music videos that the band managed to craft with the wildly cerebral Salvador Dalí inspired epic that is the mesmerising visuals for ‘High Hopes’.

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