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David Bowie loved the crime drama ‘Gomorrah’ and lent Sofia Coppola DVDs to watch

"He was a big fan of the series, and said she had to watch it"

Gomorrah star Salvatore Esposito has revealed that David Bowie was a huge fan of the Italian crime drama series.

The hit show, which began in 2014 and wraps up its five-season run in Italy later this week, follows the criminal underworld of Naples, and is based on creator Roberto Saviano’s book of the same name.

Esposito, who plays Gennaro “Genny” Savastano on the show, explained in an exclusive chat with NME that Bowie raved about the show, and gave Lost In Translation director Sofia Coppola DVDs of the series because he loved it so much.

“Sofia Coppola told our producers that she has the DVDs of Gomorrah because David Bowie gave it to her,” he recalled. “He was a big fan of the series and said she had to watch it.

Sofia Coppola

“Some producers talked to her and she said: ‘I love the show because of this reason.’”

Esposito added: “I’m a massive Bowie fan, of course. It’s great because Ricky Gervais is a big fan of the show as well. He came on set when we were shooting in London.”

Alongside Bowie, another big music fan of Gomorrah is Ed Sheeran, who admitted his own passion for the show in an interview that has since been reposted by Esposito on Twitter.

Asked what he liked about the series, the star revealed he was a fan of Esposito’s character, saying: “I like Genny. I really like the movie as well […] I’m really enjoying watching more Italian television, Italian movies, listening to Italian music, because it really helps me learn.”

Admitting he struggles with the language, Sheeran added: “That’s what’s difficult about it, the language, the accent, is really thick. So I watch it, there’s another show, Romanzo Criminale, I watch it and it’s very difficult to pick up.”

Season five of Gomorrah will depict “how the clash between the Levantes and Patrizia left Naples in a pile of bricks forcing Genny to give up his dream of normality and to return to action”.

The series has proved to be one of the largest TV exports from Italy in recent years, with the show surpassing Game Of Thrones‘ viewing figures in its native country.

‘Gomorrah’ season five premieres in the UK on Saturday, December 18 on Sky Atlantic and NOW.

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