Debbie Harry

Blondie’s Debbie Harry Asks the Group Chat If She’s Trending on Twitter Because She Died

That group chat includes bandmate Chris Stein and artist Rob Roth.

For some reason, yesterday, Debbie Harry was trending on Twitter. I mean, why isn’t Debbie Harry trending on Twitter every day, really? As a response to the random outpouring of love for the iconic singer, Harry’s response was rather morbidly funny. Fellow Blondie member Chris Stein contributed to the trending topic with a snippet of a group chat conversation with Rob Roth. “Chris why am I trending. Did I die?” she texted. “If you did, let us know,” Roth replied.

The whole encounter is very droll, capturing the depressing mantra of Twitter: The Site Known for Endless Devastation. Thankfully, Harry is very much alive, and her trending has only supplied us with more reasons to love her.

See the interaction below, and check out some of the recently shared scenes from Debbie’s past.

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