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How Blondie’s Debbie Harry once escaped serial killer Ted Bundy

Blondie’s Debbie Harry is one hell of a lead singer. Her ability to sashay and prowl across the stage in equal measure makes her one of the all-time best lead singers the world of rock and roll has ever seen. But according to the singer’s memoir, Face It, the world could’ve lost the enigmatic musician to the evil clutches of serial killer Ted Bundy.

The singer, now 75, has often shared her experience with Ted Bundy in a rather flippant manner. The serial killer is one of the most well-known murderers of recent times. His presence in culture has only been accentuated by repeated attempts to chronicle his killing spree on television. After being caught, Bundy would confess to 30 murders across a heinous period of American history and receive the death penalty in 1989. It turns out that Blondie singer Harry could’ve easily been one of those victims.

Debbie Harry has told the story of meeting with one of the evilest men in American history many times before. Harry recalled to Dazed: “I was trying to get across town to an after-hours club. A little white car pulls up, and the guy offers me a ride. So I just continued to try and flag a cab down. But he was very persistent, and he asked me where I was going. It was only a couple of blocks away, and he said, ‘well, I’ll give you a ride’.” It’s the classic set-up that has seen many victims, especially in the seventies, meet their end.

When Harry got into the car, she quickly realised her mistake. The VW Beetle was stripped down on the inside, the doors had no handles, there was only a tiny crack in the window, and the driver smelled putrid — it was a horror movie scenario. It was clear that this was not a good position to be in. Harry had to do something, and fast.

The singer began to roll down her window, agonising inch by agonising inch, as she tried to remain covert in her escape. She moved her arm out of the window and began flailingly trying to open the door from the outside. “As soon as he saw that, he tried to turn the corner really fast, and I spun out of the car and landed in the middle of the street,” recalled Harry.

The story has been scrutinised by many naysayers, with an almost continuous effort to debunk the bone-chilling tale always challenging Harry’s view of events. But, to her credit, Harry has never backed down fro the challenge and has always been open and honest about her personal life, so it’s safe to say that it’s probably true.

In Blondie’s 2012 memoir Parallel Lives, Harry said: ”I was so lucky. At the time I didn’t know anything about Ted Bundy”. We can’t help but feel lucky ourselves, as little did we know, but we could’ve lost Debbie Harry before we even found her.

Considering the massive impact she had on popular culture, who knows where we would be without her.

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