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Mick Jagger once faked being in a band with pre-fame Jon Bon Jovi

New York’s Power Station is one of the most famous studios in the world. It serves as the birthing ground of some of the greatest records ever, and more stars have graced it than the cubicle queues at nightclubs on Hollywood boulevard.

It has also bred a few stars of its own. Bon Jovi once worked there as an employee as a fresh-faced 18-year-old before bracing the studio as a star. For his star-shoulder rubbing role at the studio, he was simply dubbed ‘the gofer’.

Speaking to the Rockonteurs podcast, Bon Jovi documented his days working there, “They paid me $50 a week to be the gofer and if it was a weekend or a late,” the rocker explained, “Late night, I could go in and record.”

His enthusiasm for music was on display for all the stars to see, and this led to a humorous incident in which Mick Jagger pretended to be in a band with the teenage Bon Jovi called The Frogs.

As the rocker explained, “I’ll never forget this, I was outside paying my cabby… and The Stones got out of whatever car it was they were getting out of. At the same time, they were going into [The Power Station] studio, and a photographer jumps out of a trash bin, and the paparazzi starts taking pictures. I swear to god this is true. The Stones, they open up the door of the studio… Wyman, Mick and Keith. They go into the studio.”

After pausing for breath in an excitable race for words, Bon Jovi continued, “The photographer is screaming, ‘Mick, Mick, Mick! Give us a picture!’ and I swear to you, he grabs me and these kids and he says, ‘Here’s my new band, The Frogs’ And we took a fucking picture.”

The picture was circulated around at the time and offered Bon Jovi a mystic glance into the future of stardom that awaited him.

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