Iron Maiden

Mini review: Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson talks, not sings, at The Egg

Bruce Dickinson

When: 7:30 p.m., Wednesday

Where: The Egg, 1 Empire Plaza, Albany

Iron Maiden’s frontman Bruce Dickinson is a high-energy, physical performer, even when he’s offering three hours of storytelling and q-and-a at the Egg and not singing “The Trooper.” With a throughline of disdain for authority, Dickinson gleefully skewered politics, academia and his own rock star vanity while taking audiences through his formative days in oppressive British private schools, the comedic lows of his pre-Iron Maiden music career and a few humorous anecdotes from his lengthy career with an internationally successful heavy metal band. Surprisingly and interestingly enough, the audience questions focused more on his documented love of aviation and fencing than Maiden lore. Rating: 8 Powerslaves out of 10 

What’s next: The Fab Four, a Beatles tribute act, will sing you a song and try not to sing out of key on Friday. Abba Mania will be paying tribute to the only band from Sweden more popular than Ace of Base on Feb. 8 and in-demand comedian Andrew Santino is bringing his Tito Cheeto Live show in on the 11th.

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