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Ringo Starr reveals The Beatles’ worst farting culprit – ‘It caused terrible trouble!’

THE BEATLES drummer Sir Ringo Starr has shared how the Fab Four used to let off silent but deadly farts when working together and claimed who out of John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison was the gassiest.

Even when The Beatles were touring together they would be living on top of each other. In his new book Lifted, of which all the proceeds go to The Lotus Foundation, Sir Ringo Starr revealed how the Fab Four travelled in the same car and only had two bedrooms between them. The 81-year-old admitted: “We shared all the time.”

It’s not surprising then that The Beatles had to put up with each other farts when sharing such close company.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, a clip from Peter Jackson’s Disney+ documentary The Beatles: Get Back was shown to Ringo of his younger self admitting in the 1969 studio to having farted, causing Paul McCartney to walk off.

The drummer said to Macca and producer George Martin: “I’ve farted. I thought I’d just let you know. I was gonna sit here silent and look at you. Then I thought, no, I’ll tell you about it.”

Ringo Starr reveals The Beatles’ worst farting culprit – ‘It caused terrible trouble!’ (Image: JIMMY KIMMEL/GETTY)

ringo doing peace sign

Sir Ringo Starr is 81 (Image: GETTY)

On farting alongside The Beatles, Ringo said: “The thing with that was we learned that when we were in a band when we started out, if anybody let a silent one go, they would try and get away with it. It caused terrible trouble!”

The 81-year-old shared how the Fab Four would accuse each other before Jimmy joked: “People thought Yoko divided the band and in fact, it was just gas!”

The drummer said that in the end, you would just have to admit that you’d farted and then everything would calm down.

The host then point-blank asked Ringo just who definitively was the gassiest Beatle.

paul and ringo

Ringo said Paul is was the worst farter of The Beatles (Image: GETTY)

Ringo was met with huge amounts of laughter from Jimmy and the audience as he claimed: “Paul!” But he then did clarify: “I’ve got to say that because the other two aren’t with us.”

The drummer also shared his memories of The Beatles’ famous final live performance on the roof of Apple Corps HQ in Savile Row, London back in 1969.

He said: “Oh this was great! It was cold and it was raining but we played together. We were playing live. I mean we hadn’t done that in years.”

Ringo also admitted he was wearing his ex-wife Maureen’s red waterproof jacket during the rooftop performance to avoid getting wet.


The Beatles formed over 60 years ago (Image: GETTY)

On how both he and Paul still love performing, the 81-year-old said: “When we were playing in Liverpool, we were playing! And no one ended up thinking, ‘Oh in 20 years I’ll be living in LA’ or whatever. I mean America was like the place to be. We just played because we loved to play and we were getting gigs and then we were getting more gigs and then we got quite well known. And then we went to Amsterdam and we got known there and Denmark and Spain. The maddest thing of all is we come in from Sweden and there’s all these kids on the airport to Heathrow and we didn’t even know him, but Ed Sullivan arrives from New York and he doesn’t know us either. So they just seized the reaction we were getting and booked us to come to New York. So, you can’t plan that. It’s like mad how these things happened. Coming to America was so huge to us.”

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