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Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson takes aim at privatised space travel

Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson has decided to take the opportunity to voice his opinion on space travel. Highlighting the resources that can be found on the planet, Dickinson feels too much time is being devoted to an exercise in decadence.

“The space tourism element of it is the least important thing for mankind in the world,” Dickinson says in an interview with Loudwire. “Honestly, people say, ‘Oh, wouldn’t you want to go up on the top of a firework and spend a quarter million or half a million dollars,’ whatever people pay for it? Well, no, because you’re basically just kind of self-loading freight. You just sort of floating around going, ‘Oh, yeah, that’s cool’, — that’s not doing anything.”

As if re-emphasising the point, Dickinson highlighted the needless expenditure that goes into building space shuttles: “I can think of lots more interesting and useful things to go and blow however much money on than just floating around looking at the ‘Blue Marble.’ There’s a lot of stuff going wrong down here that needs fixing. Space is very important — it is — but I think space tourists are the least important bit of it.”

Dickinson is about to tour America, to deliver a series of spoken word performances, but he is also working on a solo album, which should be released at an unconfirmed date. It’s a work in progress: “When I get to the end of the one-man show in the end of March, I’ve got about three weeks pulling my feels somewhere — I might lie down in a darkened room for a couple of days and recover from the tour and then put my singing head on and go and have a chat with Roy.”

But work is well underway, and Dickinson is confident that the work will be completed in the very near future: “We’ve already got a bunch of material — demos and everything — but we need to organize it a bit more properly and be a bit more serious about it. [We have to] maybe write a few more tunes and then basically leave it down to Roy [ Z ]. He can go off and start doing backing tracks and things like that.”

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