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Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson recalls the emotion he felt flying RAF pilots

Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson is a qualified pilot and has famously flown the band to many of their concert destinations. He has also flown other passengers to their place of choice, and the singer was asked to detail his experiences of flying British Royal Air Force pilots at a recent spoken-word show.

The Iron Maiden vocalist, known as “The Air Raid Siren” in certain quarters of the press, was giving a performance onstage at the Uptown Theater in Kansas City on February 19th, 2022, when a retired soldier asked him about his experiences flying pilots.

“We were the flying the Royal Air Force Regiment, which is RAF boots-on-the-ground soldiers, and they’d been to Afghanistan,” revealed Dickinson. “They had taken some casualties and they had lost some people, but they were all really cheerful – the best passengers you could ever have in the military. As we were coming into land, we stopped and we blew the reverse thrust.”

The vocalist recalled the wives and children that lined up to watch the soldiers departing, holding banners that detailed their love for their real-life “heroes.” Dickinson and his co-pilot had to stop the plane because they found themselves “welling up.”

The two men did what they could to pull themselves together before departing, feeling they had to show some composure. The anecdote formed part of a show that detailed the vocalist recalling his life’s mosaic of memories.

In other Dickinson related news, it was recently announced that the singer was working on a solo album during his downtime between Maiden projects. He’s not entirely sure what way the album is going to go but suggests that some of the tunes have already dictated the flow of the record for the resulting album. Dickinson is also going back on tour with Iron Maiden in the future.

His solo album will be his first since 2005 album, Tyranny of Souls. This will be his seventh album and it looks like it will reunite him with American guitarist turned producer Roy Z. Since rejoining Iron Maiden in 1999, the band has been a primary port of call, although he has released some solo work in between projects.

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