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Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson opens up about cancer battle

Bruce Dickinson, frontman of the seminal heavy metal group Iron Maiden, has shared details of his cancer battle, as well as his recovery. Dickinson was diagnosed with throat cancer back in 2014 but managed to make a full recovery.

The singer discussed his struggle with the disease during a Q&A segment of his US spoken word tour of the US. Speaking in Orlando, Florida last month, the 63-year old Dickinson was asked what advice he would give to newly-diagnosed cancer patients. Seeming to acknowledge that he could only speak from personal experience, the Iron Maiden frontman noted how he’d “embraced” the treatment he was offered and made sure to ask questions about how the “amazing” technology worked.

Dickinson went on to explain how cancer treatment has come leaps and bounds in recent years: “I have to say that the therapies that people are coming up with now are so on the edge and successful that you really do stand a very good chance. Because half of us are gonna get cancer, and it’s not a death sentence anymore, and you can deal with it.”

He continued: “The things they have to do to your body to get rid of it are getting better and better and better as we go down the line. They did some nasty things to my body. I’m lucky I’m completely clear of it and everything.”

The singer then went on to say that, while he is typically very private about his cancer battle, he has always been happy to talk about it during public shows; that is, as long as he’s not being asked out of sheer nosiness. “I quite enjoy talking about it,” he added, “Because you kind of demystify it a little bit for people. It’s a scary thing.”

According to the 2016-2018 date, around 39.2 per cent of people will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime. In the UK, approximately 375,400 new cases are diagnosed every year. 38 per cent of these cases are preventable.

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