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Dave Grohl Describes His Reaction to Meeting David Bowie in Person for the First Time

During a recent interview with ABC News, the Foo Fighters mastermind and former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl was asked to describe his first reaction upon meeting David Bowie, one of Grohl’s biggest musical heroes.

Although Dave Grohl eventually got to know The Thin White Duke a little bit better – and even played a cover of “Hallo Spaceboy” on Madison Square Garden in 1997 as part of Bowie’s 50th birthday celebrations – the first time that Grohl got to see the legendary musician was marked by intense fanboying on Grohl’s side. Dave Grohl said (transcribed by UG):

“Oh, my God. Well, you know, I remember the first time I saw David Bowie in person was at a festival in England that he was headlining, we were lower down on the bill. And I stood in the photo pit and looked at him and it was like seeing an alien. You know, it was like seeing a UFO for the first time, like, ‘Oh, my God, it’s real’. That’s, something I’ve never seen before.

“And then getting to meet him – all of that feeling coming down to Earth, realizing, ‘Oh, my God, what a gentleman! What a brilliant, sweet, kind, outrageously funny person!’ And then I recorded a song with him. This [was] years ago, and watching him step in front of a microphone and begin to sing and you realize, ‘Wow, that voice – that’s real, that just comes out of his mouth, that iconic voice!’

“The great thing about it is that it really humanizes everything. We’re like, ‘Wow, that’s a real person.’ It’s reassuring, but at the same time, you’re like, ‘That’s a hero.’ That’s not just another person. That’s David Bowie.”

The track in question was a cover of “I’ve Been Waiting For You” from Neil Young’s 1968 solo debut. The cover appeared on Bowie’s 23rd album “Heathen” from 2002, which saw Dave Grohl playing the guitar.

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