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Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway and the most beautiful witches on the Hollywood screen

Up to now, when talking about witches, we often think of ugly and scary old women with mysterious magic. However, by going against the fan’s imagination, the Hollywood screen used to have many impressive “turns of the wheel” in building the image of the witch character.

Let’s take a look at the beautiful and charming witches who have appeared on the screen.

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent – Maleficent

After many years of absence, Angelina Jolie has officially returned to the screen when participating in the movie Maleficent – a Disney project. Playing the role of a dark fairy – an evil witch, cold and full of magic, the female star successfully created a fever with this incarnation. Maleficent is a character with a complicated inner world, full of hatred and also extremely pitiful. All of that has been fully demonstrated by the female star.

In addition to her great acting talent, the actress also won the hearts of the audience with her impressive appearance. I must confess that the image of Angelina Jolie when taking on this character is so beautiful and sharp. Although her face has been dressed up in a dark style, she is still full of charm, making me look at it forever, but I still can’t stop being fascinated.

Charlize Theron as Queen Ravenna – Snow White And The Huntsman

Charlize Theron has always been considered a model actress in the Hollywood movie capital that everyone wants to aim for. Because not only scored by her acting talent, possessing the ability to transform immeasurably, this beauty also always retains her charming beauty in every role.

Transforming into the evil queen Ravenna in the movie Snow White And The Huntsman, the thick, weird makeup not only could not drown out her beauty, but also helped her become more attractive. Even many fans think that the South African beauty has somewhat overwhelmed the snow white heroine Kristen Stewart because she is so gorgeous.

Eva Green as Angelique – Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows is a work of horror mixed with humor. The film impresses when gathering a series of beautiful Hollywood balls. However, the most prominent in the work is still Eva Green in the role of the enchanting witch Angelique.

Wearing outstanding outfits, Eva Green makes me fall in love with every scene. Her sharp eyes seem to have enchanting magic that makes me and many viewers unable to take their eyes off. The role of the witch Angelique has brought Eva Green such popularity that the actress herself must admit that this is the character she is most impressed with in her acting career.

Mila Kunis as Theodora – Oz The Great And Powerful

Mila Kunis is known as the most beautiful, hot actress in Hollywood. And of course, no matter how difficult or challenging the shape is, this beauty can also be “treated”. For example, the role of the witch Theodora in the movie Oz Great And Powerful.

The beauty of Mila Kunis is even more honored when wearing the impressive costumes of witches. Thanks to her impressive acting and charismatic visuals, the female star surpassed 4 men in the nomination group to receive the award for the best villain role at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards.

Anne Hathaway as The Ultimate Witch – The Witches

Anne Hathaway is known for her popular series Princess Diary. Possessing a pure and clear beauty, as soon as she was confirmed to take on the role of the cruel ultimate witch of The Witches project, many viewers were extremely skeptical about her incarnation this time. because she thought it was inappropriate.

In fact, Anne Hathaway had an extremely successful “makeover” in acting and shaping. The Ultimate Wizard can be cruel and scary, but also extremely shimmering and attractive when needed. Thanks to that, Anne Hathaway was still able to capture the audience’s heart despite playing the villain.

Above are the top 5 most beautiful and impressive witches ever to appear on the Hollywood screen. Personally, we shouldn’t set up a visual standard to define and assign to a character. Witches can also be beautiful, can also carry a story of their own. Because then the filmmakers can unleash their creativity and dedicate works with distinct colors to serve the public.

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