Debbie Harry

Vintage footage of Debbie Harry in the 1980 Murjani Jeans commercial

Debbie Harry isn’t just a singing and songwriting icon from her work in Blondie—although she definitely is that, first and foremost. Debbie Harry is a musical icon, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be another kind of icon too, like a style icon, for example.

Fashion and music have often been tied to one another in plenty of ways. Musicians and artists often influence the fashion industry by setting trends for their fans, modelling for famous brands, and simply doing their own thing and having unique personal styles that match their music persona. Everyone from Lana Del Rey to The Beatles can be accredited with doing this on some level.

Blondie has been making music since the ’70s and are still active today, having put out an album in 2017—which is a lengthy career for any band. It can be extremely interesting to take a look at their early days and see what life was like around the music as well as within the music itself.

It’s no surprise that a brand like Murjani Jeans would want to use a star such as Debbie Harry in one of their campaigns. Not only is she beautiful and stylish, but she also has a distinct image and persona that’s simply attention-grabbing and unique.

Even as recently as 2017, people consistently look up to her as a fashion icon, with W Magazine publishing a feature on her style over the years and how relevant it still is to this day.

While plenty of people saw her Murjani Jeans commercial in the ’80s when it first began airing, there are some who still haven’t seen it. While it’s a short clip that simply involves Harry walking in various locations wearing a variety of stylish outfits, it might bring back a bit of punky nostalgia, especially considering the fact that the commercial was shot in 1980, anchoring the outfits to a very specific period in history.

If you want to check out Debbie Harry’s Murjani Jeans commercial from 1980, you can check it out down below.

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