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Angelina Jolie Is A Majestic Wonder Woman In New Art

A new piece of fan artwork sees Angelina Jolie assume the iconic role of Wonder Woman, replacing Gal Gadot as DC’s formidable Amazonian superhero.

A new piece of Wonder Woman fan art sees Gal Gadot replaced by Angelina Jolie as the famed heroine. Though Gadot ultimately claimed the title as DC’s formidable Amazonian, Jolie was long rumoured for the part. The 46-year-old actress recently made her superhero debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, however, stepping into the role of Thena in Eternals.

Joss Whedon admitted that Jolie was his preferred pick for Wonder Woman as far back as 2010. In a recent interview, Jolie confessed to turning down a past high profile but unspecified superhero role, citing her reluctance to star in pictures of that genre. Whedon ultimately left the Wonder Woman project but would go on to work with Gadot during the production of Justice League. The Israeli actress became Zack Snyder’s casting pick for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, marking Wonder Woman’s first live-action portrayal since Lynda Carter’s 1970s television series. Going on to star in Justice League and two solo films, Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984, Gadot successfully cemented herself as the popular DC hero.

Though Gadot has, for many, become synonymous with the character, an artist on Reddit by the name of ImaginativeHobbyist has re-imagined what a Jolie-inspired Wonder Woman might have looked like. The striking image depicts Jolie in the hero’s telltale red and gold circlet and tunic, with long brown hair to rival Diana Prince. Parodying past Wonder Woman posters and matching the sunset-lit backdrop, the artwork certainly shows Jolie to be a plausible replacement for Gadot. Check out the image below:

While Jolie has admitted receiving past offers for superhero projects, it remains uncertain exactly what parts she rejected. It is possible, however, that she was once approached for Wonder Woman, particularly given the convictions of Whedon. Whatever the role, Jolie evidently declined, saying superhero and sci-fi projects are “not usually what [she’s] looking to do.” However, Eternals proved to be a different situation, as Jolie explained a unique interest in joining the Marvel film as part of a broader ensemble, as the role offered a “family [she] wanted to be a part of.”

With the script of Wonder Woman 3 currently in development and Gadot still firmly at the helm, it seems unlikely that Jolie fans will ever get to see the actress’ official take on the titular Amazonian. Nevertheless, while Jolie has admitted to actively avoiding similar parts, she decided to take a chance as Marvel’s Thena, which suggests she saw something very special about Chloé Zhao’s film. Any fans interested in witnessing Jolie’s first official superhero outing in Eternals can do so in person, since the film is now out in theaters.

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