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Laurie Anderson says the Lou Reed exhibit won’t go to Texas due to disagreements over guns

Laurie Anderson has explained why the Lou Reed: Caught Between The Twisted Stars exhibition was moved from Texas, where it was supposed to be resident, to New York, Reed’s favourite city.

The archive details the life and work of Reed through a convoy of images, voices, and music from the star and his many multitudes of collaborators. According to Anderson, the change from Texas to New York lies down to policies over guns and gun ownership.

“I called them up,” Anderson revealed. “‘This thing we’ve been talking about for a couple years? It’s off. Because of guns.’” She had initially first pencilled the Harry Ransom Center in Austin for the exhibit but had a change of heart when it became clear Texas Governor Greg Abbot had sanctioned and supported a bill that permitted people licensed to carry a handgun in Texas to bring a concealed handgun with them onto university campuses.

Anderson felt the Public Library’s digital archives were a better fit for her late husband’s work, granting them permission to run the exhibit from 2017 until 2023. The exhibition features stripped-back renditions of The Velvet Underground‘s oeuvre and offers an insight into the workings of Reed as an artist.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, it was revealed a new album featuring demos by Reed entitled Words & Music: May 1965 is being prepped for an August 26th release.

The bulk of the record will contain the titular demos that Reed and Cale recorded back in the mid-1960s, with a few additional rehearsals and home recordings that Reed made during his early years, including a recording that Reed made all the way back in 1958 as a 16-year-old.

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